Friday, March 5, 2010

Peace Garden Update

Yesterday, I finally had the opportunity to share the Building a Peace Bridge and Dedication photostories with the people at Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board who are most closely tied to the Peace Garden. It was the same day I received an email that they are making a Facebook page for Lyndale Park and the Peace Garden. The park board staff will take care of creating the page and maintaining it and want to feature the two photo-stories. The people in charge of the Facebook page, which will link to the Park Board website, were pleased that I plan to do other photostories about the garden's beginnings and the Spirit of Peace sculpture. The Lakes District manager even wrote: I just saw your video. Very very nice!! I told Alex we should try to get it on public television. Thanks, Paul.

And from me, a big thank you to the members of the Edina Writing Cohort and our instructor, Candance Doerr, for their support of this project. I have learned so much by doing this project, and could not have done it without you all.