Friday, March 5, 2010

Peace Garden Update

Yesterday, I finally had the opportunity to share the Building a Peace Bridge and Dedication photostories with the people at Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board who are most closely tied to the Peace Garden. It was the same day I received an email that they are making a Facebook page for Lyndale Park and the Peace Garden. The park board staff will take care of creating the page and maintaining it and want to feature the two photo-stories. The people in charge of the Facebook page, which will link to the Park Board website, were pleased that I plan to do other photostories about the garden's beginnings and the Spirit of Peace sculpture. The Lakes District manager even wrote: I just saw your video. Very very nice!! I told Alex we should try to get it on public television. Thanks, Paul.

And from me, a big thank you to the members of the Edina Writing Cohort and our instructor, Candance Doerr, for their support of this project. I have learned so much by doing this project, and could not have done it without you all.

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  1. These videos will certainly help people understand the careful process, the hard work and the wonderful symbolism that went into the making of the Peace Bridge. Without your storytelling, visitors would simply see a bridge with a plaque. How very cool that your authentic audience is now expanding into the web-o-sphere of Facebook! I hope you'll share the next pieces you're going to create. There are always more stories to tell...