Sunday, September 20, 2009

How do we establish, maintain, and grow relationships/ideas online?

Email is my preferred method of maintaining and renewing relationships. Occasionally, I go through my address book and send our friends an announcement of some sort: go to Picasa where I've posted photos of Grandpa's 100th birthday party or view a pdf of the invitation to the Peace Garden Bridge dedication or listen to JoAnn on online radio (podcast) for example. This frequently brings responses from people out of town and out of country. I always feel good when I get responses, since responders also share their lives with us.

However, I spent some time looking at the Common Craft videos last night. It seems like email is inefficient and passe. Wikis are designed for coordination of events.

BLOGS IN PLAIN ENGLISH explains why blogs are better. What I'm not sure about is that people will check my blog for news without an email update--and the notification emails: so and so's blog or wiki has been updated are super annoying.

As I wrote these paragraphs, I realized that I have at least entered the 21st century: in the past six months I've used a variety of technologies from Picasa to podcasts, wikis to blogs, and probably more. And I think digital storytelling may be my next step.

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