Monday, September 28, 2009


Check out the Sunday Arlo and Janis comic and this month's NEATODAY to see that the technology age is upon us. Last night I went to the school board meeting and there was Dr. Dressen using the 'dashboard' terminology again. When I first heard him use the term I had no idea that I would have one, too, by starting this blog. Brian Hedberg, a school board member, kept asking Mike Burke when the students would be able to use "smart phones" to download lectures, videos, calculators, etc. Students have begun to access online classes like statistics while the administration wonders how to deal with virtual teachers. I checked a number of Edina teacher blogs this week, many of which are focused on communication to parents--like homework postings, about the teacher, class schedule--but with the promise of work by students to be posted as the year goes on. And I set up a wiki for my husband, who was complaining that he couldn't get a group together by email, and sent him the link to the Common Craft video.
I'm feeling that much of what I've blogged is for me and the prof since I have had very few comments--and one of them was SPAM! I try to leave a post on other people's blogs when I visit just to know it's not all lost in cyberspace. Maybe if I keep my posts shorter?


  1. I was just about to say "hey! I comment!" but then went back and realized apparently not so much :) But I promise I'm reading! I'm curious about the dashboard term...I'll have to ask you about it tomorrow. The only digital dashboard I'm familiar with is the one on my Mac. I would also have liked to listen in on that school board discussion (although I'm sure I could find it on cable access or online if I really really wanted to). Wondering what the board's perspective is on technology use in our classrooms...

  2. "the times they are a changing...."
    As you look over your posting, notice the new terminology that was not around 10,5 years ago.
    You are right - it's everywhere!