Saturday, September 26, 2009


Before I post again, I was wondering how to change the date of a post. The last one I posted had a date of September 20, which is when I started it, but I didn't post it until after the next class. Is there a way to change the date? Thanks.

In my job, I do a fair amount of searching for information. Where do people speak Telugu? When is Eid al Fitr in 2010? What linguistic elements of Farsi interfere with English language acquisition? Usually I GOOGLE search, but always check at least two sources, one of which may be Wikipedia. I've attended enough sessions of 'how to make sure you have a safe and accurate website' at the elementary level to have internalized the warnings. Now, however, I also find myself checking out YouTube and blogs. Although I grew up loving the library, and even worked in both public and school libraries back in the days of World Book and Encyclopedia Brittanica, I now do most of my research online.

I am hesitant to join the RSS world. The NYTIMES pops up as my homepage and we get the STRIB seven days a week. Unless I am passionate about a topic, I doubt I will choose to be bombarded with more clutter in my life. Having said that, I am following the political situation in Honduras, where my church helps sponsor a school and orphanage. I could access Honduran TV I guess, as well as the English version of the Tegucigalpa press, and maybe even the Reuters or other feed. However, there is nothing I am going to do with the information (maybe more prayer?), so emails from the principal of the school and occasional NYTIMES searches is all I need to know. Thanks to Lee Lefever for explaining RSS on this video .


  1. I don't think you can change the date of a post. When I've edited a post after catching a typo, the date remained the original start date. I guess you could put into the text "Updated on.."

  2. I was hesitant to start using RSS feeds because, like you, I was afraid of being inundated by information. However, now that that I use the RSS feeds to keep up with blogs, I find that it actually saves me time. My home page is an iGoogle page, which lets me see the Google reader RSS aggregator. That way, I can see which blogs have been updated as well as a few lines of the post. If the topic doesn’t interest me, I move on and feel that I haven’t wasted time going to the blog, reading the post, etc. What I find most useful with the RSS feeds is that I don’t have to REMEMBER to go check a blog: the updates come to me. This is great for keeping up with blogs where people post infrequently. If you want to see how the iGoogle works, there are a couple of videos on You Tube. I’ll add them to my blog.