Monday, October 26, 2009


I have jumped into a lot of technology and enjoyed playing the NING. However, I am being thwarted by some glitch in doing the voice thread, an activity which excited me a lot. I sorted through literally hundreds of photos, chose eight, decided on my purpose, wrote my narrative, revised my narrative, did several practice rounds, and then.... I couldn't get voice thread to record my voice! Fearing I would not get it done, I resorted to typing comments so I can post it in a timely fashion if I can't figure out how to record my voice. I've attached the microphone to every possible port; received messages that it was installed; updated my Adobe Flash; pressed record numerous times, but can't seem to make myself heard.

I see a lot of school applications for voice thread. There are some wonderful examples linked to the site. What an option for a book report! You could do multiple meaning words with each student giving sample sentences. You could use it to articulate with a social studies or science--vocabulary development as well as explaining experiments. And I love what peers have posted so far.

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  1. JoAnn. I'm sorry to hear that VoiceThread isn't allowing you to record your voice. Have you tried the telephone call-in option, at least for now?

    I'm not sure what the problem is. Perhaps you could keep trying to play with the microphone and getting the computer to know that it is there (When using my MAC, I have to go to system preferences to tell the computer to use the external microphone when I plug it in; it isn't the default.)

    No worries if you aren't able to get the sound to work right away. We can play around with it some on Thursday (I will bring my microphone). Just make sure to link your VoiceThread to your blog entry, so we at least can see the photos and your typed comments.