Sunday, October 4, 2009

Checking the Blogs

Inspired in part by the fancy blog that Janice found, I began looking for ESL blogs. I haven't found anything that comes close to inspiration for me. There's a very attractive blog by Daniella Munca , but her students are young adults and she herself is a university professor. Michelle's blog is obviously for and by older students. Most of the other links I looked at were teacher pages--lists of tips or websites or commercials for programs--rather than classroom based. I suppose I could look further.

I did check out the list of Edina teacher websites that Molly Schroeder listed in her recent email to staff. Pat and Wally at Highlands included this link to Common Sense Media which cautions parents about children's internet use of social networking sites. Many of the sites had links to newsletters and some had homework postings. Most did not include students' work or input. I guess a lot of us are at a novice level in this new digital world.

(Updating on Sunday, October 4): Not a blog, but a really cool integrated classroom project in St. Paul can be found on You Tube. Students were studying 'bug haiku' by Japanese poet Issa, learning Japanese, learning about insects, playing with millipedes, acting out poems, creating art and animation, and so much more.


  1. I think I'm starting to realize that I can look and look and look for examples of how special ed teachers (or ELL teachers) are using blogs/wikis/what have you, but probably I just need to jump in and figure out what's going to work for me right now. Yes, it would be nice to see what's working for someone else, but maybe there's a reason we can't find too many great examples in our fields. Perhaps we're supposed to be the innovators, the ones that other people seek out :)

  2. These are great ELL blogs. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I agree with Debi's comment. You are the one that we are all waiting for. It is your thoughts and expertise to lead us.

  4. I hope you will be the ESL trail-blazer in this Web 2.0 universe! Your frequent comments on our blogs certainly help deepen our thinking! Have you seen Larry Ferlazzo's ESL blog? It's been mentioned on websites and in articles but I'm not sure if it's solely secondary focused.